Sell Furniture Nashville

Area 2 Trading Co makes selling furniture a snap. Sell furniture Nashville, fast and easy.

*Products must be in excellent condition.
Minimum listing price is $300.*

Let’s Get Started

Using your phone, simply snap a photo of your product(s). Then fill out the Seller Application and submit your product(s). Briefly describe your product(s), remember to include dimensions, materials and condition. If you are considering putting multiple items for sale (more than 5), feel free to contact A2TC for an in-home consultation.

You will receive a response within 3 days. While we are grateful for every submission, we can only accept a number of select items that add value and quality to the A2TC community.

If approved, you’ll receive a login to your Seller’s Account! At this point you have the option for the White Glove Service which takes care of all the pesky details. Or you have the option for self submission for no fees.

Storage/Pick Up
It’s your choice — you can keep your products(s) in your home while they are listed on the site and A2TC will coordinate any appointments to see the item and have it picked up upon sale. Or, if you would like the product(s) to be stored elsewhere, A2TC will schedule a pick-up time (at an additional cost). We store all of our products at the Ntransit warehouse on Bransford Ave. For self-delivery and pick-up, please contact A2TC directly,

Your Money

You will be paid 65% of the selling price. A check will be mailed to the seller within 14 days.

Listing & Storage Fees

For approved items, you will have the option of choosing either the White Glove Service or self submission.

White Glove

$75 for 1 item, for each additional item, up to 5 items, add $10 | For over 5 items, please contact A2TC for pricing.
This service includes an in-home appointment to handle all photography, measurements, and product research.

Self Submission

No fees, but the image submissions must meet all requirements, which are:

  • Dimensions: 500px x 500px
  • Pixels: 72 dpi
  • At least three photos of each item, including front, back, sides (if applicable) and detail photos.
  • Simple backgrounds (if possible, photograph in front of a solid wall or sheet).

Selling Terms

Our agreement is valid for 6 months, beginning the first day your item is listed for sale on Once the 6 month period is over, the seller will have the option to donate the item to a local non-profit like Re-New, Habitat for Humanity, or Project Redesign.


A2TC will price your furniture according to condition, brand name, age, and original retail price. Typical furniture resale pricing is generally from 50% to 80% below the original price paid.

Delisting Items

A2TC invests extensive time and effort in preparing each Consigned Good for sale. This includes researching comparable sales and pricing points, entering the item into our system, and listing it for sale. Seller agrees to commit to leave their items through the Consignment Period End Date. Should the Seller seek to retrieve any Consigned Good prior to the sale or the Consignment Period End Date, a 10% fee may be charged and collected prior to the item being returned. The 10% fee will be based on the listed sale price of the Consigned Good at the time of retrieval.


If you still have questions, feel free to email us.